Versione Italiana

A strategic board game to conquer the sicilian food delicacies

SIKULeat is a board game inspired by the culture and delicious flavors of Sicily.

Once commercial hub in the Mediterranean sea, Sicily became a territory of dominations, cultural coexistence and amazing food. SIKULeat is the game that celebrates the unique features of this region in a playful way. 
The maximum number of players is 6. These represent the main invaders in the history of Sicily: the Greeks, The Romans, The Arabs, The Normans, The Swabians and the Spaniards.
The competition among these populations will be based on commercial exchange between the different areas of Sicily. The lowest price wins the products of the Sicilian cuisine. These will be needed to complete special secret objectives. 

The Box Will Contain


A playing board with 36 typical Sicilian products


6 different types of coins (one per population)


6 dice in two different colors

Food & Culture

36 cards the typical Sicilian products and some cultural notes.


13 Objective cards 2 Chef cards, 2 Pizzo cards, 2 Tax Free cards


The game instructions